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  ( emptier    comparative)   ( emptiest    superlative)   ( empties    plural & 3rd person present)   ( emptying    present participle)   ( emptied    past tense & past participle  )
1       adj   An empty place, vehicle, or container is one that has no people or things in it.  
oft ADJ of n  
The room was bare and empty., ...empty cans of lager..., The roads were nearly empty of traffic.     
2       adj   An empty gesture, threat, or relationship has no real value or meaning.  
usu ADJ n  
His father threatened to throw him out, but he knew it was an empty threat., ensure the event is not perceived as an empty gesture.     
3       adj   If you describe a person's life or a period of time as empty, you mean that nothing interesting or valuable happens in it.  
usu v-link ADJ  
My life was very hectic but empty before I met him.     
4       adj   If you feelempty, you feel unhappy and have no energy, usually because you are very tired or have just experienced something upsetting.  
usu feel ADJ, also ADJ n  
I feel so empty, my life just doesn't seem worth living any more.     
5       verb   If you empty a container, or empty something out of it, you remove its contents, especially by tipping it up.  
I emptied the ashtray...      V n  
Empty the noodles and liquid into a serving bowl...      V n prep  
He emptied the contents out into the palm of his hand.      V n with out  
6       verb   If someone empties a room or place, or if it empties, everyone that is in it goes away.  
The stadium emptied at the end of the first day of athletics.      V  
...a woman who could empty a pub full of drunks just by lifting one fist.      V n  
7       verb   A river or canal that empties into a lake, river, or sea flows into it.  
The Washougal empties into the Columbia River near Portland.      V into n  
8       n-count   Empties are bottles or containers which no longer have anything in them.  
usu pl  

If you come away from somewhere empty-handed, you have failed to get what you wanted.      adj   ADJ after v  
Delegates from the warring sides held a new round of peace talks but went away empty-handed...     
If you describe someone as empty-headed, you mean that they are not very intelligent and often do silly things.      adj  
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parent whose children no longer live in the family home
feeling of emptiness experienced by parents after the children leave their home
something not worthy; something of poor quality; a crap
[Slang] This book is a bag of wank, I am disappointed.
small handbag without handles
who cannot find a partner, a date
maintain ; bear ; stand ; support ; tolerate
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