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Adverse decisions, conditions, or effects are unfavourable to you.      adj   usu ADJ n     (Antonym: favourable)    Despite the adverse conditions, the road was finished in just eight months.     
  adversely      adv   ADV with v  
Price changes must not adversely affect the living standards of the people.     
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The practice of monitoring the effects of medical drugs, especially in order to identify and evaluate previously unreported adverse reactions
[Med.] Ex: In his job as a pharmacovigilance officer, Andrew develops diagnostic tools to improve drug safety
A specific technical worksheet tool with performer's requirements. Excellent start of negotiations between performers, managers and contractors. (These requirements might include sound and light conditions for the show, food lodging and transportation of artistic talents)
an agreement through which one of the parties is offered very advantageous conditions because of the special relation with the partner
[Bus.] most frequently ,"sweetheart deal" has a negative connotation implying the idea of illegality or immorality .
in original condition
a neurological condition found on the island of Guam
The symptoms range from motor nuron disease (Lou Gehrig's disease) to Parkinson's disease.
forced by a medical condition to spend most of the time home
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