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1       comb in adv   -wise is added to nouns to form adverbs indicating that something is the case when considering the particular thing mentioned.  
ADV with cl  
Career-wise, this illness couldn't have come at a worse time..., It was a much better day weather-wise...     
2       comb in adv   -wise is added to nouns to form adverbs indicating that someone behaves in the same way as the person or thing that is mentioned.  
ADV after v   (=-like)  
We were housed student-wise in dormitory rooms...     
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1    aware, clever, clued-up     (informal)   discerning, enlightened, erudite, informed, intelligent, judicious, knowing, perceptive, politic, prudent, rational, reasonable, sagacious, sage, sapient, sensible, shrewd, sound, understanding, well-advised, well-informed  
2    put wise        (slang)   alert, apprise, clue in or up     (informal)   inform, let (someone) into the secret, notify, tell, tip off, warn  
1    daft     (informal)   foolish, injudicious, rash, silly, stupid, unintelligent, unwise  

experienced, knowing, sophisticated, worldly  
   callow, inexperienced, ingenuous, innocent, jejune, naive, unsophisticated, unworldly  

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