English-Arabic collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

rabbi rabbit rabies raccoon race
race race racecar racecar driver racecourse
racehorse racer racetrack racial racing car
racing driver racism racist racist rack
racket racket racoon radar radiation
radiator radio radio station radioactive radio-controlled
radish raffle raft rag rage
raid raid rail railcard railings
railroad railroad crossing railway railway station rain
rain rainbow raincoat raincoat rainforest
rainy raise raisin rake rally
ram ram Ramadan rambler ramp
random range range range rank
rank rank ransom rape rape
rape rapids rapist rare rare
rarely rash raspberry rat rate
rate rate of exchange rather ratio rational
rattle rattlesnake rave rave raven
ravenous ravine raw razor razor blade
reach reach react reaction reactor
read read out reader readily reading
ready ready-cooked ready-to-serve real real
real estate agent real struggle with mys... realistic reality reality TV
realize really really really amazed. Don't y... rear
rear rear-view mirror reason reasonable reasonably
reassure reassuring rebate rebellious rebuild
receipt receipts receive receiver receiver
recent recently reception receptionist recession
recharge recipe recipient reckon reclining
recognizable recognize recommend recommendation reconsider
Reconstructionism record record record recorded delivery
recorder recorder recording recover recovery
recruitment rectangle rectangular rectify rector
recurring recycle recycling red Red Cross
red currant red meat Red Sea red wine redcurrant
redecorate red-haired redhead redo reduce
reduced-fat milk reduction redundancy redundant reed
reel refer referee reference reference number
refill refinery reflect reflection reflex
refresher course refreshing refreshments refrigerator refuel

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