English-Arabic collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

oak oar oasis oath oatmeal
oatmeal oats obedient obese obey
obituary object objection objective oblong
obnoxious oboe obscene observant observatory
observe observer obsessed obsession obsolete
obstacle obstinate obstruct obtain obvious
obviously occasion occasional occasionally occupation
occupation occupy occur occurrence ocean
Oceania October octopus odd odd
odd odometer odor odour of
of of off off off season
offence offend offense offensive offer
offer office office hours office supply store officer
official off-licence off-peak off-season off-season
offside often oil oil oil refinery
oil rig oil slick oil well ointment OK!
OK! okay okay! old old
old-age pensioner old-fashioned olive olive olive oil
olive tree Oman omelet omelette on
on on behalf of On Friday On Friday thirty first... On Monday
On Saturday On Saturdays On Sunday on the dot On Thursday
on time On Tuesday On Wednesday once one
one one-day round-trip ticket one-off one's oneself
one-way ticket one-way ticket one-way ticket onion online
online onlooker only only only
onto onto open open open
opening hours opera operate operate operating room
operating theatre operation operation operation operation theater (OT)
operational guidelines operator ophthalmology opinion opinion poll
opponent opportunity oppose opposed opposing
opposite opposite opposite opposite opposition
opt out optician optimism optimist optimistic
option optional or or what have you oral
oral orange orange orange juice orbital septum
orchard orchestra orchid ordeal order
order order form ordinary oregano organ
organ organic organism organization organize
orgasm Orient oriental origin original
originally ornament orphan ostrich other
otherwise otherwise otherwise otherwise otter

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