Take part in the enrichment of our dictionaries!

The dictionary is not an institution set in stone. It must be a dynamic space that encourages the evolution of language and concepts. Words such as buzz or software didn’t exist 30 years ago. They are now part of our daily vocabulary. We believe that everyone can participate in its enrichment. That is why we created the Collaborative Dictionary.

Learn how to improve and share your knowledge

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You can participate in several ways:
  • Vote for or against existing entries
  • Add a comment to suggest another translation or definition, bring an example or a clarification
  • Create your own entries (guidelines)

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It’s right for you if:

You know idiomatic expressions

We all know and currently use idiomatic, funny, familiar expressions or phrases specific to our region, that are worth being added to the dictionary. No matter the category they are part of, don't hesitate to publish them to the Collaborative Dictionary! This way you can make a difference to spreading the knowledge and enriching the languages.

You master the terminology specific to your profession

Do you master the specialized vocabulary of your field (medical, computer, technical, artistic, etc.)? Help boost business and guide non-experts through the jargon, by sharing this vocabulary in the Collaborative Dictionary. When you add an entry, do not forget to indicate the specific domain in the corresponding field.

You are an expert (teacher, translator, linguist…)

  • Every day, you face new translation or definition challenges. You're a heavy dictionary user. Why not improve your work tool by enriching it with new entries? It is also a means for you to showcase your work and skills.
  • If you are a French, English, Spanish, German or another language teacher, you can use the Collaborative Dictionary as an educational tool for your students. Teach them how to use the dictionary, share ideas on the content that can be found and its structure. Create entries and give them the links to view them. Invite them to participate and then revise their entries.
  • For more information, contact us on dictionary@reverso.net.

You are a student and want to improve your foreign languages skills

You learn a foreign language ... or you are already speaking it but you want to improve your skills. To make progress, be active and curious, ask yourself questions, research, connect with people who have the same interests as you.
It is precisely in this spirit that we have created the Collaborative Dictionary. Its principle is simple: everyone can participate in its enrichment. Create entries, comment on those of others, ask questions ...
Hundreds of thousands of entries as well as tens of thousands of comments have already been added by our users. Why not be one of them ?

You simply love languages

You like words, you are interested in one or several languages, you are curious and you would like to learn and share. The Collaborative Dictionary is made for you. You can submit your translations and definitions and give your opinion on those of others…